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South Pole Expedition ITINERARY

Please arrive in Punta Arenas , Chile , 5 days before departure for Antarctica . This insures that lost baggage catches up to you, that there is time to get well organized down to the last detail, and gives you time to recover from an all to often hectic departure from home.

You are responsible for your own flights to Punta Arenas , Hotel or Hostel and food while in Punta Arenas . Make sure that you book flights that can be changed. Travel in Antarctic is dictated by the weather, so we may go in or out a few days later than planned.

In Punta Arenas you will meet the NorthWinds guide and other team members.

Your clothing systems, ski and sleeping systems will be check. You have the opportunity to pack your individual snacks & drinks for the expedition from a large selection purchased by NorthWinds.

There will be time to practice setting up tents, learning how to operate the stoves, review the solar recharging system, test Iridium phones, and make sure that you've packed enough toilet paper.

The day before departure to Antarctica ALE has a welcome orientation to brief folks about the flight in and the operations. Following the orientation a truck will be sent around to our hotel to pick up all baggage. Everything is weighed and extra weight is charged at $65 a kg. So do not bring large books, loads of electronic gizmos and extra junk!!!!

Day 1

-Fly to Antarctica (weather dependent). We land on the blue ice runway by the Patriot Hills. A short walk brings us to the ALE Patriot Hills base camp.

Day 2 - 5

- We pack up out pulks, pick up fuel and take the 20 min. flight, by Twin Otter (bush plane) to Hercules Inlet on the edge of the Ronne Ice Shelf , at latitude 80 ° south. From here we travel 4 days back to Patriot Hills. This is our shake-down trip to further test equipment & clothing, develop our travel style and camp efficiency.

Day 6

-Lay-over day at Patriot Hills to finalize food & equipment.

Day 7 to 30 (24 days) First Half of Expedition

-Depart Patriot Hills ski to Thiels Mountains , at latitude 85 ° .

-After skiing around the Patriot Hills we pass the end of the beautiful Ellsworth Mountain range. From there till the Thiels Mountains we see only Nunatuqs (the tips of mountains poking up through the glacier) on the far horizon to the west.

- We will have a re-supply half way between Patriot Hills and the Thiels Mountains , so that we will only carry 12 days of food plus 3 emergency days.

- Another 12 days ski to the Thiels Mountains , our half way point, to pick up our second re-supply

Day 31

-Lay-over day at Thiels, our half way point to the pole

Day 32 to 56 (24 days)

-The second half of the expedition is the climb onto the polar plateau to

the Scott-Amundsen scientific base at the South Pole.

- We will again have a re-supply on the second half, so that we will only carry 12 days of food plus 3 emergency days.

Day 57

- Arrive at the South Pole!!!

Day 58

-Flight to Patriot Hills, weather dependent.

Day 61

-Flight to Punta Arenas , weather dependent.

- Celebration banquet, drink for Pisco Sours