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North Pole

Dates: March to end of April

Cost: $200,000.00 Canadian

* Divided by number of participants
* Confirmed costs can not be fixed due to the fluctuation of injet fuel costs.

The North Pole is the Everest of the high arctic. Early explorers such as Nansen, Peary and Cook spent the better part of the their lives striving to reach the North Pole. Surrounded by sea ice and in total darkness for half the year, the Pole is attainable only during a short 'window' of time: March and April. If too early, darkness and extreme cold temperatures prevail. If too late the Arctic Ocean is transformed into a watery enshrouded pack of drifting sea ice. We will travel and live on the polar pack ice, navigate over pressure ridges, search for routes around open leads of water and camp on multi-year pans of ice.

Prerequisites: Due to the extreme remoteness of this expedition and the astronomical cost of evacuations we ask that you fill out a detailed resume of your health, physical fitness, skill level and previous expedition experience. You must also have evacuation insurance.


Messnar was quoted as saying that the North Pole is 10 times harder than Everest. A North Pole expedition is a combination of mental attitude, physical stamina and skills. You must be in top physical condition with a mental determination of steel. Cross-country ski skill is a must for efficient travel. You can expect to be hauling a 80 kg (175 lbs.) pulk over pressure ridges, in temperatures downto -60 C. If you are a person who embraces challenges and has a sense of humor when the going gets tough, you will truly enjoy this journey to the top of the world.